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Why WeldingMart.com
Here at WeldingMart.com, we are here to help you purchase the right product for the right job! We will not try to sell you a specific product just because we make more money on that item vs. another. There are too many out there that do this. Any Help you might need, just ask. Live Chat, email, or Telephone.
WeldingMart.com has been setting the Industry Standard for the last 16 years by providing its customers with the best value in the welding equipment & industrial supplies industry. Backed by over 75 years of industry expertise, WeldingMart.com sets this Industry Standard by delivering its customers rich Knowledge Resources with the simple goal of making them more productive, safer, and more knowledgeable all while saving money. 

WeldingMart.com started its journey in 1979 with Dan Kossel, CoFounder of a contractors supply company in Appleton, WI, who realized that eCommerce and the Internet was an untapped resource in the welding industry. With the opportunities the web presented, he also had the foresight that the Internet was not only going to be a place to purchase, but truly a portal to educate the customer. With that, Weldingmart.com was born in 1999.  The first Weldingmart.com started with 5,000 sku’s distributed through a streamlined shipping process and has now grown to become a distributor with over 25,000 sku’s and representing over 280 manufactures. Weldingmart.com is proud to be the world’s largest online distributor of Lincoln Electric, as well as one of the only suppliers to be an Authorized Worldwide Exporter of Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment and supplies.

Whether your looking for something as simple as a part for your welder, a welder, a complete package, or a powerplant shutdown, we have you covered. With over 30 years experience of nuclear powerplant shutdowns, steam generator changouts, or urgent needs, WeldingMart.com has the resources to get the job done for you. WeldingMart.com has worked with some of the world's largest companies, Governments, and the USA Military around the globe and wants to work for you too.  Let us know your needs, no matter how exotic or small and we will work to get the job done!

You’re protected 
Purchases can be made with complete confidence at WeldingMart.com. Your orders are not only in the hands of experienced welders, but also an IT department that is constantly learning and adapting to today’s ever changing security threats.

Weldingmart.com is working to insure the orders you place and all the information you share with us is secure. To do this, the information is transmitted using SSL Certificates. This, along with the use of the strongest encryption available, Weldingmart.com has your security as a top priority.

The national trend of consumers is currently becoming more comfortable to online purchasing. Consumers understand the benefits and value one can have from buying online. Because most online purchasing requires a delivery time it slows down the shopping experience allowing the end user to learn more about the product resulting in a more satisfied shopper. This has translated into the fact that retail e-commerce spending is now a staggering 20% of all retail spending in the United States and has been growing at a 18% rate for the last 12 Years.

What was started with a broad acceptance of the Internet has now turned into a multi million-dollar company, worldwide exporter, and formation of a new industry standard. While launching itself to the forefront of the welding industry, we here at Weldingmart.com are excited and ready for the future and ready to serve “you” the customer.

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