Machine Cutting

Harris Pipe Beveling Heads, Holders and Adapters

Pipe beveling is typically used to form an angle on a pipe or tube before welding it to another surface. It also sometimes is used for deburring the ends of pipes and tubes for safe handling and a professional finish. Weldingmart carries a variety of Harris pipe beveling heads, holders and adapters that will help you get just the right angle on pipe and tube ends cleanly, quickly and efficiently.

Our Harris beveling heads can increase your speed on quality beveling cuts, boosting your shop’s efficiency. Equipped with a preheat tip that swivels for left or right travel, each machine beveling head is for use with natural gas or propane 6290 tips.

For extra efficiency, consider our Harris adjustable twin tip holder, which lets you make two cuts at the same time with one torch. We also carry Harris adjustable tip adapters, which let you adjust tips to any angle without moving torches.