URREA Hammers, Chisels, Alignment Bars & Striking Tools

Made with precision machining and special U.S. alloy steel, the URREA hammers, chisels, alignment bars and striking tools available at Weldingmart have the power to tackle the toughest jobs and the edge to finesse the exacting ones. Forged in Mexico, each tool is tested and inspected from its inception ‘til it’s shipped out the door. These tools meet U.S. federal, ANSI and SAE specs, so you can buy with confidence.

We carry all kinds of URREA hammers from 8-pound sledge hammers with hard hickory handles to 8-ounce ball-peen hammers designed specifically for metalworking. For delivering strong blows without damage, check out our URREA rubber-headed mallets. Their oak handles can take plenty of punishment.

Our URREA alignment bars come with flat tips and angled chisel tips. These provide great leverage for removing wooden seals and machinery components as well as aligning.

Weldingmart also carries plenty of cold-cut chisels and punches in an assortment of sizes to fit your needs. These punches and chisels are also available in convenient, economical sets that come complete with a vinyl carrying case for mobility and organization.