URREA Hand Wrenches and Wrench Sets – Weldingmart.com

Simple but indispensable, a good wrench should be part of every tool box, whether you’re a professional or a DIYer. Forged from U.S. steel, precision-machined, tested and inspected, the URREA hand wrenches and wrench sets available at Weldingmart provide affordable quality and durability. These tools meet or exceed U.S. federal, ANSI and SAE specifications, so you can use them with confidence even on the toughest jobs.

Our URREA wrenches are available in SAE and metric sizes, so you can find the right wrench for your application. URREA combination wrenches give you a wrench with two openings of the same size at each end. The open end lets you speedily apply low torque to start the job, while the box end lets you use maximum torque to finish the job. Each opening has been precision-machined to provide a tight grip on the nuts and bolts it’s designed for. The URREA grip system lets you apply maximum hand pressure to muscle those stubborn nuts and bolts.

In addition to individual combination wrenches, we also carry URREA hand wrench sets. These offer a fast and economical alternative to purchasing wrenches individually and give you a big arsenal of wrenches to tackle assorted tasks. They come in a handy vinyl pouch, keeping them organized and making them easy to carry.