The Vantage SD Family

Lincoln Vantage SD Welders

The Vantage® SD family of Lincoln Electric welding machines is one of the most powerful and versatile in the industry. These engine-driven multi-process welders can be used on almost any job site for auto restoration, construction, ship fleet maintenance, pipe rigs and other welding tasks. Each one uses a Deutz® diesel engine that never has to be plugged in. This also means that Vantage SD welders act as an AC generator for fans and lights. Add in Lincoln Electric Chopper Technology® that produces great arc performance with reduced spatter, and you have a welder that professionals love.

We are proud to carry more than a dozen Lincoln Vantage SD outdoor welding machines. Use them for TIG, MIG, stick and flux-cored welding plus metal arc gouging with single or three-phase input. The Air Vantage utility welder line even includes an air compressor, making it the most advanced machine for mining, heavy construction and railroad application. Every unit from the Vantage 435 SD to the Lincoln 600 SD is the lowest cost to you guaranteed. You also get a three-year manufacturer warranty on both the welder and the engine along with industry-best customer service from