LINCOLN - CLASSIC 300D (KUBOTA) w/WIRE FEED MODULE - K1643-10 Discontinued call for updates

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Free Shipping prides it's self in getting the most accurate and up-to-date information for our visitors, and customers.We regret to inform you that the LINCOLN - CLASSIC 300D (KUBOTA) w/WIRE FEED MODULE - K1643-10 is a product that has been discontinued.

It's replacement, is LINCOLN - CLASSIC 300 HE EPA TIER 4 (KUBOTA) - K3198-1

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More Information
SKU K1643-10
Brand lincoln
Shipping Rate 0.0000
Free Shipping Yes
Engine Kubota V2403M EPA Tier 4i
Engine Cooling Type Water Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
HP & Speed (rpm) [email protected]
Number of Cylinders 4
Output Power 3000 watts
Output Range 40-350A DC
Processes Stick, TIG, MIG/Flux-Cored, Gouging
Rated Ouput 250A/30V/100%
Optional Accessories General K802D Power Plug Kit
General K903-1 Spark Arrester Kit
General K2636-1 Medium Two-Wheel Road Trailer with Duo-Hitchᄄ
General K2639-1 Fender and Light Kit
General K2640-1 Cable Rack
General K2423-1 Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Kit
Stick K704 Accessory Kit - 400 Amp
Stick K924-4 Remote Control Kit
TIG K1783-9 PTA-26V TIG Torch (25 ft 2pc)
TIG KP509 Parts Kit
TIG K930-2 TIG Module
TIG K936-4 Control Cable for TIG Module
TIG K937-45 TIG Module Control Cable Extension
TIG K814 Arc Start Switch
TIG K938-1 Contactor Kit
Wire Feeder K623-1 Wire Feed Module
Wire Feeder K2464-1 Remote Control Kit - 100 ft (30.5 m)
Wire Feeder K2614-9 LN-25 Ironworkerᄄ Wire Feeder
Wire Feeder K126-12 K126ᆰ PRO Innershieldᄄ 350A FCAW-SS Welding Gun 15 ft 1/16-5/64
Wire Feeder KP1697-068 Drive Roll Kit .068 in (1.7 mm) Cored Wire
Wire Feeder K2652-2-10-45 Magnumᄄ PRO 350 Welding Gun Ready-Pak 15 ft 035-5/64 Liner
Wire Feeder KP1696-1 Drive Roll Kit Combination .035 in / .045 in Solid Wire
Spool Gun K487-25 Magnumᄄ SG Spool Gun, Air-Cooled, 25 ft.
Spool Gun K488 Magnumᄄ SG Control Module
Spool Gun K691-10 Control Module Input Cable v 14-pin MS-type and Lug