Pipe Tool Hand Tools

Working with pipes can pose many challenges, from reaching hard-to-access areas to dealing with rusty, corroded connections. Fortunately, our inventory of welding and pipefitting supplies includes a generous selection of consumables and tools for pipeline installation and repair. Browse the collection of quality pipe wrenches, cutters, chain wrenches and pipe hand tools at Weldingmart.com and you are sure to find the right tool for the job to make your work easier and to deliver professional results.

A good pipe wrench is a necessity for many lines of work as well as DIY projects. We carry quality pipe wrenches from leading brands, like Craftsman and Urrea. Choose from pipe wrenches in sizes ranging from 10” to 36” to tackle any size job. You also get your pick of pipe wrench materials, including cast iron and steel. If you do heavy-duty petrochemical or electrical work, check out our lineup of lightweight, no-spark aluminum Stillson wrenches from Urrea.

For cutting pipes, we carry sturdy pipe cutters that are easy to use and come with a spare cutting wheel. If you need to work on a hard-to-reach spot, check out our universal reversible chain wrench. It’s ideal for loosening or tightening pipes without adjusting the wrench’s position in sharp corners where other wrenches simply can’t reach.