Lincoln Electric FLEXTEC® 650X MULTI-PROCESS WELDER W/ CROSSLINC™ / Flex Feed 84 ONE-PAK® - K3514-1

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  • Use with a wide range of available 3 phase input power 
  • Easy one-knob process selection 
  • Fast arc response means smooth arc action and consistent bead appearance
  • User weld schedule memory storage allows easy recall of your critical or often repeated weld procedures with applicable feeders (User weld schedule memory settings available only with Power Feed® and
    Flex Feed® 84 wire feeders) 
  • Synergic one knob control over wire feed speed and voltage with applicable feeders (Synergic control available only with Power Feed wire feeders) 



  • Components designed to run cool for long life in high temperature environments
  • Engineered for outdoor use and harsh environments (IP23 rated)
  • Desert Duty® Rated for extreme temperatures up to 55°C 



  • Ideal for large diameter wire or stick welding on thick materials
  • Compatible with most Lincoln Electric® feeders, including common bench and boom models, portable across-the-arc models and CrossLinc™ or ArcLink®-equipped models
  • Premium multi-process arc characteristics on all DC wire, stick and TIG processes 



  • Full functionality without control cables
  • Enables remote procedure setting at the feeder to improve weld quality
  • Increases arc time with fewer trips to the power source to adjust settings
  • Improves safety by reducing jobsite clutter

  1. Amperage Display Meter 
  2. Thermal LED 
  3. Output Control Dial 
  4. Hot Start Control Dial 
  5. Weld Process Selector Switch 
  6. Positive and Negative Welding Output Studs 
  7. VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) Indicator Light 
  8. Voltage Display Meter 
  9. CrossLinc Indicator Light 
  10. Power Switch 
  11. Arc Force Control Dial 
  12. Local/Remote Output Selector Switch 
  13. Weld Terminals On/Remote Selector Switch 
  14. Wire Feeder Voltmeter Polarity Selection Switch 
  15. Circuit Breaker Reset Buttons for 42V feeders and ArcLink peripherals 
  16. 42V or 115V Wire Feeder Selector Switch 
  17. Remote Output Control 12-pin Universal Connector 
  18. 14-pin Wire Feeder Connector 
  19. 5-pin ArcLink Connector
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SKU K3514-1
Brand lincoln
Processes Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Submerged Arc, Gouging
Custom Stock Status / Ships via Truck
warranty2 3-year Lincoln Electric warranty (parts and labor) on welder
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Product Includes Order a Lincoln Ready-Pak® and get everything you need to complete a welding package - all with one order number. Shipped assembled.

Flextec 650X (K3425-1)
Flex Feed 84 Single Bench HD (K5000-2)
Magnum Pro Curve 400, 15 ft (K2952-2)
Connector kit for 10 series feeders (K466-10)
Liner .052-1/16, 15 ft (KP44-116-15)
Drive roll and guide tube kit 1/16 in (1.6 mm) cored (KP1505-1/16C)
Weld cable lug to lug 3/0, 10 ft (K1842-10)
Work lead pkg. 4/0, 15 ft, GC500 (K2149-1)
Flowmeter/regulator 355-2AR-58010 (3100211)
Optional Accessories General K2149-1 Work Lead - Lug & GC500 Ground Clamp (4/0, 600A, 60%) - 15 ft (15.3 m)
General K1842-10 Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug (3/0, 600A, 60%) - 10 ft (3 m)
General K704 Accessory Kit - 400 Amp
General K857-2 Remote Output Control with 12-Pin Universal Connector
General K2909-1 12-Pin to 6-Pin Adapter
General K3091-1 Multi-Process Switch
General K3157-1 GFCI Kit
Lincoln Electric FLEXTEC® 650X MULTI-PROCESS WELDER W/ CROSSLINC™ / Flex Feed 84 ONE-PAK® - K3514-1