Lincoln Electric Power MIG 140C MIG Welder - K2471-2 - Discontinued

The Power MIG 140C is Discontinued,
Please see it's replacement 140MP - K4498-1 

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Lincoln Electric Power MIG 140C —

Give yourself flexibility and power with a Lincoln Electric welder from WeldingMart.

Welding jobs come in all sizes. While it’s important to have the right tool for the job, buying a welder isn’t like buying a wrench or hammer: Welding machines are significant investments.

The Lincoln Electric Power MIG 140C MIG welder is built to handle a lot of different tasks, making it a good fit for a wide variety of jobs. As an authorized Lincoln Electric Dealer, we can offer complete product packages and price guarantees. But more importantly: Our staff of welding experts can address your questions and help you determine how well the Lincoln 140C will work for you.

Product Summary

Featuring Diamond Core Technology™, the MIG welding machine is all you need for your welding tasks. It offers great out-of-position action, a forgiving arc, a wide voltage sweet spot and minimal splatter. It is the go-to welding machine for professionals from all industries whether maintenance, fabrication, farm, automotive or light industrial applications. The MIG Welder offers a superior drive system that offers optimal alignment, positive traction and improved torque. The MIG Welder is also spool gun ready, making it ideal and convenient to use. Your welding investment remains protected through a potted PC board, so you do not have to worry about spending on the welding machine again and again. 


Duty Cycle: 90A/19.5V/20%

Input Power: 120/1/60

Welding Processes: MIG, Flux-Cored

Comes with: Spool Gun, Spindle Adapter, Cable Liner, Gas(less) Nozzles, Contact Liner, Cable & Clamp, Contact Tips, Regulator & Hose, Drive Rolls, 2 Sample Spools, Wire Guides, Learning DVD


Home projects and repair, sheet metal autobody work and small shop welding — the POWER MIG® 140C designed for 120-volt household power does it all!

  • Diamond Core Technology™: Delivers a forgiving arc, excellent out-of-position arc action, low spatter and a wide voltage sweet spot at a given wire feed speed for steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Industrial Cast Aluminum Drive: Positive traction is delivered through dual gear driven drive rolls. The design enhances trouble free performance and improves motor torque.
  • Tool-less Design: Ideal for polarity changes, wire drive service, wire spool mounting and input power changes.
  • Spool Gun Ready: For enhanced performance of the aluminum wire feeding, plug in the (optional) Magnum 100SG spool gun after removing the standard MIG gun.
  • PC Board Protection: Added rigidity through potted and trayed sensitive components to keep the environment safe

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More Information
SKU K2471-2
Brand Lincoln
Processes MIG, Flux-Cored
Shipping Rate 0
warranty2 3-year Lincoln Electric warranty (parts and labor) on welder
Free Shipping Yes
Sold As New
Product Includes
  • Magnum® PRO 100L gun, 10 ft. (3.0 m)
  • Gas and Gasless Nozzles
  • Cable Liner
  • 0.025 in. (0.6 mm) and 0.035 in. (0.9 mm) Contact Tips
  • Work Cable and Clamp
  • Adjustable Gas Regulator and Hose
  • Spindle Adapter
  • Sample Spool of 0.025 in. (0.6 mm) SuperArc® L-56 Mild Steel MIG Wire
  • Sample Spool of 0.035 in. (0.9 mm) Innershield® NR®-211-MP Flux-Cored Wire
  • Learn-To-Use DVD
  • 0.025 in. (0.6 mm) and 0.025-0.030 in. (0.6-0.7 mm) Drive Rolls
  • 0.030-0.045 in. (0.7- 1.1 mm) Knurled Drive Roll
  • 0.025-0.035 in. (0.6-0.9 mm) and 0.035-0.045 in. (0.9-1.1 mm) Wire Guides
Optional Accessories General K2275-1 Welding Cart (80 cu.ft bottle capacity)
General K520 Utility Cart (150 cu.ft bottle capacity)
General K2377-1 Canvas Cover (Small)
General K2525-1 Spot Timer Kit
Wire Feeder K3269-1 Magnum® PRO 100SG Spool Gun
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Lincoln Electric Power MIG 140C MIG Welder - K2471-2 - Discontinued