LINCOLN - MINIFLEX PORTABLE (230V) - K3973-1 (Discontinued)


This model is Discontinued.

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Miniflex® Portable Welding Fume Extractor 

The Miniflex is a portable and effective solution for the removal and filtration of welding fumes in confined and other hard to reach spaces. Unlike other bulkier welding fume extractors, the Miniflex® leads the industry in portability and ease of use. The Miniflex® is a high vacuum system designed for the removal and filtration of welding fumes from light duty welding applications. 

  • Current Sensor - Allows convenient automatic start/stop capability by sending welding current. 
  • Multiple Extraction Settings - Choose extraction capacity setting based on environmental conditions 94 CFM (Low) or 135 CFM (High). 
  • Quiet Operation - Operates at a sound level of less than 70dB(A).
  • Carbon Brushes Early Warning System - Alerts the user when 80% of the carbon brushes have been consumed. 
  • System Airflow Check - Allows the user to check the extraction performance of the unit. 
  • Wall Mounting Bracket (K2389-7) - Allows the Miniflex® to be mounted on a wall, freeing up valuable floor space. 


The Miniflex is ideal for use by contractors, maintenance workers, small to medium fabrication shops, and home hobbyists. 


  • Cleaner Work Environment - Reduces fumes and particulate in the operator and surrounding work areas. 
  • Easy to Maintain - Quick disassembly for cleaning and filter replacement. 
  • Light Weight - Ease of portability and placement in work areas. 
  • Low Noise Level - Will not contribute to increased noise levels. 
  • Economical to Operate - Start/Stop sensors reduce energy consumption. 



The Miniflex Five-Stage Filtration Process

Stage 1: Air passes trhough a removable and washable pre-filter where heavier particles and foreign material are captured in the collection tray. 
Stage 2: Air passes through a second pre-separator to further reduce medium to heavy particulate matter. 
Stage 3: Air passes through the LongLife-H filter where welding fume particles are captured and deposited. 
Stage 4: Activated carbon filter (optional) will help prevent or neutralize the release of odors back into the environment. 
Stage 5: Final filtration as air passes through the HEPA H12 Class Filter. 

Miniflex Five-Stage Filtration Process

A. Stage 1: Pre-filter (KP2390-3) captures larger particles and drops particulate matter into collection tray. 
B. Stage 2: Pre-Separator captures medium to heavy particulate matter. 
C. Stage 3: LongLife-H Filter (KP2390-1) 
D. Stage 4: Activated carbon filter (K2389-1) (Optional)
E. Stage 5: HEPA H12 Class Filter (KP2390-2) for higher filtration efficiency. 
F. Automatic Start/Stop for less energy consumption and convenience
G. Smart noise insulator
H. Wheels are standard for easy portability
I. Intake connection for extraction hose
J. Current sensor cable tray/groove
K. Two motors for better extraction performance

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Brand Lincoln
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Warranty 3-year Lincoln Warranty (parts and labor)
Product Includes 9 ft. (2.7 m) cord (AWG 14) with 15 amp plug (NEMA 5-15).
8 ft. (2.4 m) length x 1-3/4 in. (45 mm) O.D. extraction hose.
LongLife-H main filter.
HEPA filter.
2 spare sets of carbon brushes and seals for motors.
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LINCOLN - MINIFLEX PORTABLE (230V) - K3973-1 (Discontinued)