Safety Cabinets for Combustible Materials

When you’re welding, grinding or plasma cutting, you produce a lot of heat and sparks. As such, you need to store chemicals and flammables in a safe place where they won’t be exposed to potential ignitors. Weldingmart.com has new and used chemical storage cabinets that meet OHSA requirements and protect your prized shop. Whether you need a fuel storage cabinet for lawnmower and tractor gas or a place to put pesticides and fertilizers, we have a welding storage container that will safeguard these potentially hazardous materials. You can use them to store welding gases and rods too.

We carry Wilray storage cabinets for flammables in many sizes and colors. A 60-gallon storage container is a good all-purpose size that can hold vehicle additives or agricultural supplies on multiple shelves. You can also get small 20-gallon cabinets for basic home storage and massive 135-gallon welding storage units for professional auto body shops. If you have a single large container of fuel, oil or chemicals, get a drum cabinet that has a wide main compartment for this purpose. Give us a call and let us know what you need to store — our experts will point you to the right cabinet!