Gas Cylinder Safety Cabinets

Both professional and DIY metal fabricators sometimes have to do their work in the same general space where they’re storing gas cylinders. This means they need a safe place to put these containers so sparks and excess heat don’t cause the contents to ignite. A gas cylinder storage cabinet from Weldingmart.com will protect oxygen, propane, hydrogen, acetylene and other bottled fuel sources as you weld or grind. OHSA has stringent welding storage compliance regulations to prevent personal or environmental mishaps, and these heavy-duty cylinder cabinets meet them with the right combination of heat shielding and ventilation.

We carry Wilray fuel and gas cylinder cabinets for combustible materials in several sizes. A four-cylinder gas storage cabinet is ideal for home garages where you just have a few propane or butane tanks that you need to safeguard. For industrial shops where you need lots of compressed oxygen or helium on hand, consider large cabinets that can hold 16 cylinders. There are both vertically- and horizontally-mounted fuel cylinder storage cabinets based on what you have for space. Our cabinets ship free in the lower 48 U.S. states and are backed by the industry’s best customer service to help you weld safely.