Mobile Welding Fume Extractor Units

If you need to vent dangerous fumes, gases and dust from a smaller facility, the mobile welding fume extractor units from Weldingmart offer a smart solution. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these mobile fume extraction units are small and light enough to be used practically anywhere you need them. Yet these machines provide ample power and superior filtration to protect you, co-workers and everyone else in your environment from the harmful short- and long-term effects of the toxic byproducts produced by welding.

These fume extractors are ideal for a variety of situations, including repairs, small manufacturing, schools and training, and fabrication and plant maintenance. Made by leading names in the business, like Lincoln Electric and Kemper, they are built to provide efficient performance and dependable durability. The wheels and casters on these machines make it easy to deploy them anywhere you need them and to move them whenever and wherever you want.