Gas Regulators

Harris Gas Regulators for Welding and Cutting

Manage gases properly with Harris gas regulators from WeldingMart.

Good welding requires managing some hazardous substances in very precise manners in order to ensure peak performance. If you are gas welding, your gas handling equipment needs to be built to give you the precise information you need.

Harris Products Group makes impressive gas regulators for welding and cutting. Using superior materials and precision engineering, these regulators are built to offer long-lasting durability and performance, job after job.

Gas welding provides a versatile, portable and economical way to weld and cut. Pressure regulators are required to ensure that the gas leaving the tank will be adjusted to the correct pressure for welding and cutting.

A global leader in welding and gas distribution equipment, The Harris Products Group is a subsidiary of another industry leader, Lincoln Electric. That means you can buy with complete confidence when you shop online for Harris gas regulators at WeldingMart.

We have all the gas devices you and your team will need for practically any job. Choose from a variety of one-stage and two-stage gas regulators. Made of brass, these gauges are tested before they leave the factory to ensure dependable performance and durability in the field. You can find a Harris gas regulator here designed to work with many types of gases from acetylene and argon to oxygen and propane LPG.

Got questions? Our welding experts can tell you more about how Harris regulators can upgrade your gear and improve your productivity.