Harris Cutting Torches and Weld, Cut and Braze Kits

Harris cutting torches and other welding kits from WeldingMart will upgrade your gear for excellent productivity.

When working in the field, It's important to get the job done right the first time. That enables you to boost your productivity. That's one of the many ways high-quality components put money in your pocket.

Harris torches, cut kits, braze kits and more are made for excellent durability and performance, job after job. For more than a century, the Harris Products Group has been making cutting torches and other metal-working and welding equipment. Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Lincoln Electric, Harris produces the kind of quality gear you need to do a professional job. If you are looking for a Harris cutting torch or other equipment from this company, WeldingMart carries a broad selection of Harris cutting torches and welding, cutting and brazing kits.

Economical to own and operate and safe to use, our Harris cutting torches are available in a variety of configurations, making it easy to find what you need for your work. Whether you are looking for a Harris 73 oxy torch or another style, you can find it here quickly and easily with a few clicks. Harris heavy-duty torches boast features like solid forged heads that resist abuse and distortion and brazed connections to prevent leaks.

For maximum economy and versatility, check out our Harris Ironworker kits and Steelworker and Port-a-Torch outfits. These give you everything you need in a portable package to cut, weld or braze practically anywhere. Contact our customer service experts to learn more about how Harris Products Group can be part of your welding success.