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Count on Lincoln Electric welding machines cutters and more from WeldingMart for impressive performance and durability.

If you are looking for a Lincoln Electric welder or a Lincoln Electric welding product, you can find any Lincoln welder equipment you can possibly think of by shopping at WeldingMart. As the world's largest online distributor of Lincoln Electric products and one of few authorized exporters for this respected company, we have an impressive Lincoln welding catalog.

Lincoln Electric has been the world's welding expert since 1895, manufacturing everything from welders to protective gear. The company got its start in 1895 when two brothers developed a unique direct current electric motor for industrial applications. Now, the company is recognized across the globe for offering powerful, reliable welding equipment that handles job after job.

You are in good hands with WeldingMart and Lincoln Electric. Weld more efficiently and easily with our huge inventory of this global manufacturer's innovative products.

Our online store has hundreds of Lincoln welders at great prices. We carry every type of welder there is, including MIG, TIG, stick and arc welders. In addition, you can get multi-process welders, engine-driven welders and multi-operator welders that can be used by several people at once. Lincoln plasma cutters enable users to cut through the same metals they weld, making these machines the perfect combo for metal fabrication.

Keep your welding system up and running with an array of replacement parts and upgrades for new and old models alike. We also have filler metals, torch tips and other consumables and accessories.

Both Lincoln and WeldingMart also look out for your personal safety with stylish welding helmets and fume-extraction systems. All Lincoln welders, plasma cutters and helmets ship free in the U.S., and we also offer discounts to schools so they can use the best equipment for training.

If you can't find what you're looking for or have questions, we're ready to help. Our welding experts are just a toll-free phone call, email or instant chat away. They have decades of experience working in the welding industry just like you, and have plenty of tips, tricks and recommendations they can share to help you be a better, more productive welder.