Mathey Dearman Pipe Cutter Parts

Pipe cutting machines from Mathey Dearman are built to be the toughest, most reliable tools in the industry for pipeliners and welders. But even these machines have parts that wear out under the intense conditions they encounter. has an assortment of Mathey Dearman beveling machine parts to maintain and repair your equipment. The company has been a leader in piping work for more than 80 years and wants your rigs to last for decades too. We have the guaranteed lowest prices on all replacement pipe cutting machine parts that will give you the best results.

You’ll find parts for all types of pipe cutters in our online store. If your saddle-style cutter is having problems, we have new saddles for both manual and motorized machines. These contour cutting attachments come in many sizes that include a 35mm machine torch holder. We stock new drive motors for the MagnaCut XM saddle machine and replacement chains for the boomer assembly on your jolli chain cutter. There are also clamps, spacers, pinion gears and other parts you may need. Send us an email if you need a pipe machine part you don’t see here, and we’ll help you track it down!