Hoist, Lifts & Cranes

Trolley Lifting & Manual Hoisting Equipment

Hoists, lifts and cranes from WeldingMart will help your projects get done with precision and safety.

Positioning is so important for quality welds. The right position ensures quality seams that are properly placed to exceed engineering specifications. When the object you need to weld is heavy, bulky or large, the right crane lift will ensure that optimal welding position.

If you handle large materials, the right equipment trolley will help your operation run more smoothly, efficiently and safely. At WeldingMart, we carry a big selection of trolley lifting and manual hoisting equipment. That means you can find the right hoisting equipment for everything from a small shop to a big industrial operation.

We carry hoists and trolleys from leading manufacturers, such as Milwaukee and Harrington Hoists. You will find lots of manual hoisting equipment here, as well as electric chain hoists and air chain hoists. Choose from many sizes and styles to suit your application and budget - sometimes a small crane is a big help.

Many of these solutions are made for the field. A portable crane or portable lifting trolley goes wherever you go.

We carry lightweight 1/4-ton "toolbox" lever hoists for easy mobility on smaller jobs as well as hoists capable of handling up to 25 tons for use in mines, shipyards, heavy construction and anywhere else a high-performance hoist for very heavy material is needed. We even carry hoist replacement parts to keep them in service. Some of these items are available with free shipping, saving you even more over our already low prices.