Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets -

Protect your vision while you keep your eyes on your work with an auto-darkening welding helmet from WeldingMart.

When you're fabricating metal, your eyes need protection from the harmful UV light from welding. But you also need to be able to see for other tasks. An auto-darkening welding helmet does so you can get more done in the shop. As the name suggests, the glass lens of these active welding hoods will immediately darken when you start using your welding or torch and then clear up when you're done. You get the eye-shielding you need without needing to remove the helmet for cutting and grinding - which also reduces wear and tear on your hood.

Our line of welding helmets includes the industry's best brands and products, including a Miller Digital Elite or Miller welding hoods. Standard black welding helmets from Lincoln Electric do everything you need them to and are backed by a three-year warranty

At WeldingMart, you can find an auto-darkening welder helmet for sale that provides a great viewing area, comfortable fit and full head protection. If you want to add some style, check out our custom welding hoods that include white tail camo, hot rodder, polka dot and rebel flag welding helmets. We offer the guaranteed lowest price on every welding helmet with auto-darkening and also have the industry's best customer service to help you find the right lid.

What kind of welding jobs are on your schedule? Our staff of experts has decades of experience working jobs just like you, and can tell you all about these helmets, including how well they fit and how to tune the auto-darkening technology. We'll point you toward a welding helmet that has everything you need to get your work done right.