Stud Welders

Portable Stud Welders & Studs for Arc Welding

Adding fasteners to metal is easy and efficient when you have a stud gun system from WeldingMart. Originally used in the shipbuilding industry, stud welding attaches all kinds of threaded, unthreaded and tapped fasteners to a base metal or substrate by heating both parts so they can bond. This process takes milliseconds to complete but is highly reliable, and it has been adapted for processes that range from fixing airplanes to removing dents from cars. With an IWT or Tru-Weld stud welder, you'll have a cost-effective, splatter-free machine that can be used even by inexperienced metalworkers.

These precision systems come in a number of designs for powering through repetitive processes. Get a single-gun stud welder that will handle most shop needs or step up to a dual-gun system for large industrial projects. We carry drawn arc stud guns for standard metals and capacitor discharge welders for use with smaller-diameter studs and thin materials. Portable stud welders are another option if you are an on-site contractor. If you see a unit that interests you, call us to confirm that it's the right one for you before you place your order.

With over 50 years of industry expertise, you can be trust that WeldingMart has your back. We have been setting the Industry Standard for the last 21 years by providing our customers with the best value in the welding equipment and industrial supplies industry. If you have any specific product or operational questions, give us a call or contact us on our website. Our staff consists of metal-working experts that would be more than happy to assist you and your welding operation.