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For high-quality TIG welding, rely on a TIG welder from WeldingMart for long-lasting, reliable performance. Completing a quality welding job depends on using the right kind of welding technique. Add versatility to your rig with a powerful TIG welder made by the industry's most respected brands.

Our DC TIG welders are perfect for stainless steel and regular steel while an AC TIG welder will give you the same precision on aluminum. Save money if you plan on welding by getting an AC/DC TIG welder for sale at a great price. You can even get an inverter welder for alloys that is smaller and consumes less energy than conventional electric welders.

WeldingMart is an authorized distributor of the top TIG welder manufacturers in the industry. You can get a Lincoln TIG welder in a variety of amperages. We also stock Miller Electric and ESAB industrial TIG welding systems. If you need to do complex metal fabrication on a budget, consider a Lincoln Electric AC/DC TIG welding machine. You'll also find a variety of accessories and tools for those TIG welders that help you get your work done more smoothly and efficiently.

What kinds of projects do you have lined up? Are you a DIY hobbyist, or a working professional? Our experts have years and years of experience welding out in the field, and are ready to assist you by phone, email or live chat in finding the welder you need - which is exactly the one we want you to have. Also, check out our blog to learn more about our partner companies and why we chose to work together.

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