Replacement Filters

Weld Fume Extractor Filters and Spark Arrestors

For welding in confined spaces, a welding fume extractor is a must. A quality extractor will vent the fumes, gases and dust that can cause adverse short-term and long-term health effects or even death in the most extreme cases. To ensure your weld extraction arm is functioning correctly, it is crucial to replace your extractor arm's filter at the proper intervals recommended by the manufacturer. At Weldingmart, we carry a variety of weld fume extractor filters and spark arresters to fit several welder fume extraction systems.

Our fume extractor replacement filters are genuine OEM parts, meaning they will fit and perform flawlessly on the machines they are designed for. We carry a full lineup of filters for Lincoln fume extractors sold in pairs, including the Lincoln KP3367-1 cartridge filter. We also stock spark arrestors designed to trap hot particulates before they get into filter chambers on Lincoln DownFlex extraction tables.