Stud Welders Accessories

Stud-Welding Studs, Collets and Stud and Contact Guns

Thanks to its aesthetic appeal, speed and other positives, stud welding is a popular welding process. In this type of welding, a nut or fastener is welded to piece of metal.
WeldingMart carries a large assortment of stud-welding studs, collets and stud and contact guns to help you do the job right, no matter what the application. These products are made by International Welding Technologies, which has more than a century of experience in the stud-welding industry. We stock mild steel studs and aluminum studs in a variety of sizes. You can also pick from many collets in assorted sizes to fit your project.

In addition, we have stud guns and contact guns. Made in the U.S., IWT stud guns are lightweight, easy and comfortable to use. They fit all stud welders. Our IWT contact guns also are American-made and easy and comfortable to use. They are available in assorted sizes including a micro gun that can reach small, narrow spaces standard guns can't.

If you have any questions regarding stud welding, stud guns and any of their accessories, feel free to give us a toll-free call or send and email. Our team consists of highly skilled metal-works with decades of experience in the field. WeldingMart has been setting the welding equipment and industrial supplies Industry Standard for the last 21 years, so you can trust our word.