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  1. Metal fabricating: World of Opportunity

    Metal fabricating: World of Opportunity

    Theoretically, finding a job has never been easier. You can find and apply for jobs with your mobile phone as you wait in the drive-thru lane for your eight-piece box of spicy fried chicken. It’s fast and simple.

    Realistically, however, getting that job is a bit more complicated. If you include a keyword in the application or resume that trips a red flag in the software system, the hiring manager might never see that resume because an algorithm deemed you unfit for the open position. A human didn’t make that decision; a computer did.

    The job search can be doubly hard for those who have been charged with a felony. Even if they have dutifully served their time, these people looking for a second chance have an incredibly difficult time just landing that first job interview.

    The doors are a bit more open in the metal fabricating field, however. James Slinkard III has taken full advantage of that crack in the door.

    Slinkard grew up in northeast Ohio, taking his

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  2. Clean air inside metal fabrication facilities.

    Clean air inside metal fabrication facilities.

    Weldingmart.com wants to help you creat a beter and safer environment for your shop and your employees. If a person is sneezing next to you, even outdoors, you probably greet that individual with a glare. After all, you don’t really know what type of particulates are being released into the atmosphere near you.

    That same kind of thinking can be applied to any facility where metal manufacturing is taking place. Just what are people inside that facility breathing in if they aren’t wearing a respirator or working near some sort of venting equipment?

    That’s reality, however. Dry particulate from metal cutting activities can be hanging in the air, or wet particulate from coolant and oils can be airborne as well. Without the proper ventilation equipment, people who show up to do a job in a metal fabricating facility could be endangering their lungs over the long term.

    Follow the link to view some possible solutions for welding fume mitigation and how Weldingmart.com is he

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  3. International Sales

    WeldingMart is a leading global source for welding, construction, safety equipment and supplies. The company started online in 2000 by our founder who was in the construction supply industry for over 25+ years before launching.  The name WeldingMart may sound like we only sell welding equipment and supplies but over the years we have diversified and expanded our product offering as our customers have come to trust us with all of their needs in this global marketplace.

    Instead of just welding we now consider ourselves specialists in sourcing industrial tools, equipment and supplies for jobs of all sizes.  As an international provider of industrial supplies we specialize in troubleshooting and problem solving any challenge that our customers set for us!  We service a wide range of industries, including industrial, oil & gas, civil & mechanical engineering, construction, water & power, marine, network & telecom, agriculture and more.  Regardless of what industry you are

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  4. Purchasing a Welder?

    Purchasing a Welder?

    Purchasing welding tools can be a very stressful experience, filled with doubt and second guessing. We’re here to help guide you through the process, by providing you industry information to help you make an informed decision.

    If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. That was the first thing my grandpa said to me on the day he finally agreed to teach me the skill of welding. See, he was a master welder, who first learned the skill by plugging holes in a ship deck during WWII. While I was growing up he never spoke much about his craft, but you could always count on finding him in the shop with his helmet & mask on, working away. After

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  5. As Infrastructure Cracks the Need for Welders Grows

    As Infrastructure Cracks the Need for Welders Grows

    Whether you are pursuing a brand-new career in welding, you’re a master welder, you’re an employer of welders, a welding supply company, or a welding tools manufacturer; The direction and future of the welding industry is an important topic for you. More than 50% of U.S. products require the work of welders!

    The main reason welders of all types remain in such high demand is their flexibility to work across a multitude of industries, including the big three of manufacturing, construction and energy. From shopping carts and oil rigs to Blackhawk Helicopters, welding is an integral part of our US economy.

    As chatter about inf

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  6. MIG Welding: A Fun & Rewarding Hobby

    MIG Welding: A Fun & Rewarding Hobby


    Welding isn’t just a great vocation for skilled tradesmen, but also a fun, exciting, and active hobby for people worldwide. The market of DIY (Do it Yourself) enthusiasts grew out of necessity during the recession and as the economy recovered the DIY market stayed strong. Trades, repairs, fixes, and other household needs that families didn’t have the money to outsource during tight times, are staying in-house as hobbies today.

    Not only is it cost effective to DIY, it’s fun and rewarding too! Welding as a hobby can provide hours upon hours of enjoyment and result in great creations that can be used around the house, given as gifts, or even sold as a lucrative side business if the quali

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  7. Brand Spotlight: Bleed Blue with Miller Electric

    Brand Spotlight: Bleed Blue with Miller Electric

    At WeldingMart.com we take pride in our ability to offer customers a wide range of brands, designed to answer the bell for any job they encounter. If a customer needs a welder, welding safety gear, or other welding accessories like a cool welding helmet for a home project, a fabrication shop, a construction site, a classroom, or anything in between, we have the right option for them.

    Our ability to serve such a wide range of needs is only possible because of our amazing manufacturing partners. Today, we want to highlight one of those partners who has served as a pioneer and

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  8. 3 Welding Career Myths Exposed

    There are a lot of misconceptions about welding. Some think it is a low paying profession, others believe that only men can become welders, while still others think that welding is a career with little room for advancement. However, as this infographic Tulsa Welding School

     developed shows, welding can be profitable and engaging. Moreover, men and women alike can learn the profession fairly quickly. Myth 1: Career Advancement Is Limited Demand is high for welders—especially for skilled welders. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that job prospects will be good for those who have training in using the latest technologies and are willing to tra

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