Hand Tools

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As much as we love machines at WeldingMart, we know that some things still need to be tackled by hand. That's why we carry a large selection of hand tools for working on cars, shelves, water pipes and other projects. Our URREA and Craftsman tools are professional-quality equipment but are affordable for DIY users. Load up your toolbox today with everything you need to be more productive on the job.

More than 50 years of industry experience goes into choosing what tools we offer. Our online store has a wealth of specialty tools to make specific tasks easier. Mechanics and body shop workers will love automotive tools such as hydraulic bottle jacks, tap and die sets, ignition pliers and brake adjusters for repairing or restoring vehicles. We carry a variety of pipe wrenches and cutters for when the plumbing needs work. These tools aren't just for metal-working either; WeldingMart has woodworking hand tools such as utility knives, scrapers and hacksaws that come in handy for building a new bookcase.

Of course, we have all the classic hand tools that a workshop needs. Tighten or loosen all of your nuts and bolts with our driver tools, wrenches, ratchets and impact sockets. We also make it easy to form and shape metal with everything from pliers and snips to clamps for holding items in place. These tools are built to high standards, so no matter how tough your materials are, you can take them on with confidence.

Shop at WeldingMart around the clock and find proven solutions for home or industrial tasks. In addition to individual tools and accessories, we carry many hand tool sets with a full assortment of hex keys, pipe extractors, sockets and whatever else you need. Don't forget to also look at workshop storage boxes, pouches and clips for organizing all those new tools.

We here at WeldingMart put our customers first. All metal-workers deserve the highest-quality of assistance to get their operation running smoothly and effectively. If you're not sure where to start, give us a call; we'll direct you to the right tools for the job even if it costs us money! Or, if you're not in the mood for talking, contact us on our website and ask any product or operation questions you may have in mind. We will be more than happy to assist you.