Harrington Hoists

With roots extending to its founding in Vermont in 1854, Harrington Hoists is one of the oldest, best-established makers of hoists and cranes in the U.S. Known for innovation and providing top-quality products for material handling, this company is now based in Pennsylvania and boasts an extensive product line.

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If you are looking for a manual hoist, you can find many sizes of Harrington lever hoists here, from a compact, ultra-lightweight 1/4-ton hoist that’s easily transportable up to a 9-ton hoist for tackling bigger jobs. Durable, reliable and quality Harrington hoist parts have helped make these the most popular lever hoists in the world.

We also carry a full lineup of Harrington electrical hoists, which many regard as the best, most durable electric chain hoists on the market. Choose from sizes of 1/8 ton and up.