Stud Welders/Guns

IWT Stud-Welding Guns and Systems –

Used for automobiles, ships and many other metal fabrication applications, stud welding provides a quick but strong way to join metal fasteners to a piece of metal. This welding method provides professional-looking results and is ideal for jobs where looks count, because it leaves little to no marks on the other side of the weld.

Based in New Jersey, International Welding Technologies is the only company Rolls-Royce has approved for providing stud-welding equipment for its critical internal components. You might even say IWT is the Rolls-Royce of the stud-welding world. Weldingmart carries a large selection of IWT stud-welding guns and systems that can help you get top results.

Our IWT equipment includes its LYNX4 machines. These provide the latest technology and are portable, versatile and reliable. IWT backs its equipment with a one-year warranty, so you can buy with confidence.