Blue Demon

Blue Demon Welding Products & Wire

Blue Demon welding products from WeldingMart will give you superior consumables for quality welds.

Think of the best chefs you know. If you asked them to make a meal from some bland, generic, lowest-grade foods, they could probably come up with something that might be delicious. But if you give that chef the best ingredients the market has to offer, they will prepare you a gourmet masterpiece.

Welding material is the same. Blue Demon understands that each weld or join you make is a signature of your work. Blue Demon welding products are some of the best wires, rods and other consumables on the market.

Even the most skilled welders need the right consumables to perform quality metal work. Blue Demon Welding Products has been the brand to trust for welding machine filler metals and consumables since 1995. As a member of Welding Material Sales, they offer products for MIG, TIG and ARC welders that are easy for beginners to use but will help professionals get the job done as well. The Blue Demon welding team is always working to develop new welder consumable solutions at competitive prices so your team will have the right supplies.

Shop at WeldingMart to stock up on wire, rods and other consumables that you need for your welder. Blue Demon welding wire comes in a multitude of diameters and spool sizes so no shop will ever feel short. Their tungsten electrodes for ARC welding can contain lanthanum, thoria or cerium oxide depending on what arc properties you're looking for. Other products from Blue Demon include welding rods and electrodes specifically designed for working on carbon steel, aluminum, copper or nickel.

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