Welding Gloves

High-Performance Welder's Gloves

What are the most important tools in your welding gear? If you answered with a piece of equipment, you are incorrect. The most important tools you have are at the ends of your arms.

Your hands are what control an extremely hot tool, powered by hazardous materials, to create a joint that stands the test of time. Without your hands, you can't reliably weld. End of story.

Welding gloves from WeldingMart let you weld in safety and comfort throughout the workday. This collection features many high-quality options for hand protection. By wearing a good pair of welder gloves, your hands will have a barrier against heat, sparks, infrared radiation, electrical shocks, impacts and other hazards. Quality gloves also give you more grip to hold welding guns and electrodes, improving accuracy and reducing the chance of mishaps.

Best Gloves for Welders

Experienced welders know gloves are mandatory for any project, so get welding work gloves that are made by some of the most respected names in the industry such as Lincoln Electric. These welding gloves use precision stitching and industrial-quality materials such as top-grain leather and suede. That means they provide just the right blend of comfort and protection, letting you make precise movements and adjustments easily. Many are reinforced in high-risk areas such as the palm, fingertips and knuckles. Other features can include extended cuffs and elastic wristbands.

Different types of welding gloves are available based on the fabrication you're doing and the hazards it presents. TIG welding gloves offer the most dexterity for this complex technique, but give you less protection since TIG work doesn't produce as much spatter. Stick welding gloves are the most rugged and the least flexible. MIG welding gloves are somewhere in the middle. We carry multi-purpose welding gloves for various applications as well as work gloves to do more general tasks around shops and job sites.

Do you need assistance figuring out what welding gloves to buy? Our customer service team is filled with welders just like you - people who know how frustrating and dangerous a bad pair of welding gloves can be. They can advise you and recommend a pair that addresses your needs.