Safety Products

Welding Helmets, Apparel, Gloves, Glasses, Blankets, Storage & Workstations

Make no mistake about it - welding is a dangerous job. When you're working with a welder or plasma cutter, you need to look out for yourself as well as the people, workspace and personal property around you. Part of our commitment to metal-working professionals is making sure they have the best welding safety equipment and the knowledge to use it properly. Because when we say "Let's Weld", we always mean "Safely".

We stock premium welding safety gear from trusted brands such as Lincoln, Wilray, Metalman and Arcone. The most essential piece of personal equipment in a metal worker's arsenal is a good welding helmet to shield their head and eyes from sparks, UV radiation and infrared rays. Both passive and auto-darkening welding helmets give you the protection you need. Some also have interesting designs that make work more fun. A pair of plasma cutter goggles can be used for welding during emergency on-site work.

You'll also want to wear a good welding jacket, cap and gloves from our welding safety apparel. These shield against sparks and also insulate the body from the electrical shocks that can occur when working with conductive metals. With an all-in-one suit such as the Viking 3350 Extended Protection system, you'll also guard your lungs against dangerous fumes.

It's rarely possible to have a clear, wide-open space to weld in. But you can protect the space you have using an assortment of heavy-duty welding blankets and screens. They are available in many different sizes and shapes to guard against sparks and arcs. OHSA regulations also require that you properly store any flammable materials. Our welding storage solutions include fuel and gas cylinder cabinets, liquid storage cabinets and tool bags to prevent combustion and fire. A welding workstation offers further protection by giving people an organized, secure area.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why we work hard to ensure that all welders can trust us and our supply. Because of this, we like to provide great deals for our loyal metal-working customers. WeldingMart will see to it that you get the safest, most effective welding gear that's right for you. We're available by phone, email and live chat to answer all of your questions.