Used & Reconditioned

Used and Reconditioned Plasma Cutters

A used plasma cutter for sale from WeldingMart helps you add a powerful cutting tool to your gear without breaking the bank. Welders who travel to work sites never know what they will find in front of what they've been asked to weld. If you discover such a mess and need to clear it quickly, a used plasma cutter may be a good option. They're also great for cutting metal back at the shop when you're doing automotive fabrication, building ships and more.

Why spend more? Save money and boost your bottom line by browsing the used and reconditioned plasma cutters available at WeldingMart. If you are looking for more than just a cheap plasma cutter, our used or refurbished options have a lot to offer. These factory-reconditioned plasma cutters come with all the features and advantages of a new plasma cutter. But when you opt for a used plasma cutter, you pay a fraction of the price of a new one.

Discounted Plasma Cutters

Buying a plasma cutter for sale that's used doesn't mean sacrificing performance and reliability. These machines include floor model and overstock items as well as plasma cutters that the original manufacturer has refurbished. They're covered by the same three-year manufacturer's warranty as the brand-new model so you have the same peace of mind. You have nothing to lose and everything to save when you choose a plasma cutter from our reconditioned selection.

Our used plasma cutters for sale include reconditioned plasma machines from Lincoln Electric such as the Tomahawk 62 and Tomahawk 10000. Some are available with free shipping, ramping up your savings even more. Those that don't ship free have a fixed shipping cost in the lower 48 states, so you can budget appropriately. You also get the benefit of the same financing options as new equipment.

Quality Metalworking Supplies for Less

A plasma metal cutter that's been manufacturer-reconditioned will save you hundreds of dollars. This makes industrial-grade plasma cutters accessible to DIYers and allows small businesses to get the necessary equipment. You'll be able to offer more services or pursue passion projects with a budget-friendly approach.

Supplies are subject to manufacturers' stock, so please call us toll-free before ordering to confirm availability. Our welding experts can help you find an outstanding bargain that becomes a staple in your gear. For more than 25 years, we have been setting the industry standard for new and used metalworking equipment.