Submerged Arc

Lincoln Submerged Arc Welder Machines

Industries from manufacturing to tank and shipbuilding use submerged arc welding (SAW) for its ability to weld straight joints quickly and strongly. If your business needs a SAW welder, it makes sense to get one designed and manufactured by a company with more than 125 years of welding experience. A Lincoln submerged arc welding machine offers precision and reliability for years of reliable use in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic setups.

WeldingMart has several submerged arc welders depending on what metals you are working with. A Lincoln DC arc welding machine delivers a smooth, stable output with multi-process capabilities for MIG, flux-core and gouging, making them a high-value choice. AC welders are better for high-magnetism materials such as aluminum. Accessories such as wire feeders and SAW welding cruiser tractors maximize efficiency. You can save money by ordering a factory-reconditioned SAW welder. Financing and leasing are also available, giving you another option to upgrade your welding equipment while staying under budget.