Lincoln Multi-Process Welders

There are several types of welding processes, and each one is best for certain situations. So why not own a welder that can do them all? A Lincoln multi-process welding machine can do MIG, TIG, flux-core or stick welds depending on what a project calls for. Whether you’re fabricating new body panels in your garage at home or repairing structural steel on a construction site, you can do it all using a single unit. And it takes seconds to switch between welding modes so you can quickly get things done.

Shop at for both electric-powered multi-process welders and engine-driven MP welding machines made by Lincoln Electric. Their FLEXTEC® welder series is designed to be simple, flexible and reliable for all welders. Order the Lincoln K4091-1 and any other welder at a price we guarantee will be the lowest around. We also have POWER MIG®, IDEALARC® and Invertec welders that can do everything from wire feed welding to gouging. Each one is backed by Lincoln’s 3-year parts and labor warranty plus our industry-leading customer service. Compare welders now or call us at 1-877-532-WELD for expert assistance from the world’s largest online Lincoln Electric distributor.