Hand & Eye Protection

Keep your hands and face protected with face shields, welding gloves and more from WeldingMart.

We carry more than 25,000 different products at WeldingMart, and some of the most important ones are devoted to protecting the eyes and hands of welders. Those are the most important tools in your gear, after all - injuries to those parts can affect not only your welding business, but also your quality of life.

Don't take short cuts with safety. You can count on hand and eye protection from WeldingMart. We stock everything from face shields to balaclavas for the head area, and a wide variety of welding gloves. Each set is made by some of the most respected manufacturers in the welding industry.

Need recommendations about the best options? Contact us today and tell us the types of welding you do. Our customer service experts are also welders with decades of experience between them. They have plenty of pointers they have picked up over those years, and can recommend the best protection for your needs.