Welding Blankets & Tarps

Welding Blankets

In addition to protecting your skin and eyes while you weld, you need to remember to protect the objects around you from sparks, arcs and flames. An entire day’s work can go up in smoke if you damage an expensive or important piece of property through not protecting it properly.

A fire-retardant blanket for welding can offer super protection from these hazards. Weldingmart.com can supply you flame-retardant welding blankets to ensure you do no harm.

We carry welding blankets from leading brands, like Comfort and Anchor. Our welding blankets are available in different sizes, making it easy to get a 6’ x 6’ welding blanket or a bigger one to suit your application. Some of these weld blankets are available with free shipping, saving you even more over our already discounted prices.