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Cutting Equipment, Plasma Cutters, Gas Apparatus, Torches & Consumables

In the welding field, being able to cut metal is as important as being able to join it together. Get a high-quality plasma cutting machine today from WeldingMart that helps you get metal work done quickly. A plasma cutter is basically a welder that cuts metal and is used in much the same way. By using one of these metal cutting systems, you can get work done faster while leaving a clean edge behind for the welder, making your shop more productive and efficient.

Almost any conductive metal that can be welded by a gas welding machine can be cut by a plasma cutter. We offer dozens of models from Forney, Miller, Thermal Dynamics and other respected equipment manufacturers. These machines range from introductory cutting machines for sheet metal and mild steel up to industrial plasma cutters that can slice through aluminum and copper. These rugged units are resistant to damage and corrosion but are also lightweight so you can easily transport them to an on-site project. If you're on a budget, we often have reconditioned plasma cutters in stock that work as good as new.

WeldingMart will help you get even more out of your metal cutter with the right consumables and accessories. We stock hundreds of nozzles, shield cups, electrode and other plasma torch consumables that might get worn out, lost or broken. A consumables kit helps you save when you need to overhaul your torch. Speaking of torches, we have replacement and upgrade cutters along with cutting guide systems to do quality work on any size cut. Make sure to also pick of gas regulators, covers and air filtration supplies to protect both you and your machine.

Our shop metal cutting supplies are backed by more than 50 years of industry experience helping machinists and mechanics be safer, more knowledgeable and more productive. Visit the WeldingMart blog or contact us to learn more about the advantages of a torch cutting machine. Sometimes even the most experienced of metal-workers could use some advice, and we are happy to help you get your operation running as efficiently as possible. With experience dealing with the U.S Military, Governments and other large corporations, you can trust us to deliver a top-quality experience.