Used & Reconditioned AD/DC TIG Welders

Professional and advanced welders know that TIG welding offers superior precision, clean performance and a finished look that's perfect for cars, motorcycles, sculpting and other jobs where aesthetics are a priority. If you are looking for TIG welders for sale, used welders can be a smart choice, especially when you shop the used and reconditioned AC/DC TIG welders available at WeldingMart. These factory-refurbished welders are backed by manufacturer's warranties and will give you high performance and reliability at low cost.

Our used welder collection includes quality refurbished Lincoln Electric TIG welders. These carry all the innovative features of new Lincoln welders at a fraction of the cost.

The stock of used Lincoln TIG welders for sale here changes, so it pays to check these pages often. If you see one you wish to order, please call us toll-free first to make sure it is in stock. If you have any other product or would like a quote request, you can also contact us on our website where our skilled team of welders will be more than happy to assist you.