Mathey Dearman

Mathey Dearman Beveling Machines & Equipment

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Pipe welding is a type of welding that requires welders to be at their best, ensuring precision welds in suboptimal conditions. That means pipeline welders are incredibly dependent on their equipment.

For more than 80 years, Mathey Dearman has been supplying pipeliners with the advanced tools and machinery they need. Ever since Chester A. Mathey sold his first pipe cutting and beveling machine in 1936, his company has been at the forefront of innovation and advancement. Acquiring the rights to the Dearman clamping systems in 1996 expanded their ability to help pipelining professionals do better work in less time. WeldingMart is an authorized dealer of Mathey Dearman piping tools and equipment for working on new construction, refineries, ships, municipal pipelines and other large-scale projects.

The Mathey Dearman pipe beveling machine continues to set the standard for quality piping work. Our selection includes jolli chain pipe cutting machines and saddle machine retrofit kits along with replacement parts and accessories. We also have a section of pipe alignment and reforming products. Find heavy-duty pipe clamps, chain clamps, ratchet cage clamps and other ways to keep pipes pointed the right way. You can fit them together with Mathey Dearman pipe stands, framing squares and other pipefitting tools. These long-lasting pipe tools give you great value that lasts, and our team has more than 50 years of industry knowledge to help you make the right choice.

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