CGW Abrasives

Clear away messes easily with CGW Abrasives cutting discs and more from WeldingMart.

Sometimes a jobsite is perfectly prepared and open, ready for you to get right to work. Other times, your task is behind a mess of metal. In some situations that metal can be cleared with the right cutting discs or wheels. CGW grinding wheels, flap discs and other cutting wheels help make that job go quickly.

Short for Camel Grinding Wheels, CGW Abrasives has been making quality abrasives in Israel and supplying them worldwide for more than 50 years. At WeldingMart, we are proud to carry a broad line of CGW Abrasives grinding wheels, flap discs and more.

Whether you are working with ferrous metals like angle iron, iron or steel bar or stainless-steel sheets or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloys, copper, brass and titanium, you will find CGW grinding wheels and other products here that will produce a smooth and professional finish. Our CGW cut-off wheels will deliver fast, high-grade cuts along with superior durability. For detail work that requires hand application, we also carry CGW hand pads.

Our customer service experts have spent plenty of time in the field, working jobs just like you, and can tell you more about how CGW Abrasives products will improve your productivity.

If you don't see what you are searching for or have specific questions about a product or queries of a general nature, out staff of experienced experts is here to help. Instant-chat with us or call or email for prompt advice.