Cables & Liners

Welder Remote Controls, Cables, Liners and Connectors

With WeldingMart, you can keep your rig equipped with welding cables and other liners and connectors for maximum efficiency. Whether it's connecting a remote control to your unit or delivering a power supply, cables are some of the most vulnerable parts of your rig to damage from accidents or on-the-job wear.

Whether you are a full-time pro or a weekend DIYer, we stock plenty of accessories to help you work smarter and get the job done better. These accessories are made by Lincoln Electric, one of the world's largest and oldest makers of premium welders and equipment, so you can count on the quality.

Wherever you work, our remote controls and control cables will save you time and money. Rather than traveling back and forth to your machines and tools, you can adjust them remotely with these products. An initial investment in these remote controls can save you big amounts of time and money in the long run.

You'll find control and power cables in a variety of lengths and styles here, letting you suit practically any application. We also carry liners for correct wire feeding and twist-to-twist connectors for quick and easy connections. We offer free shipping on many of these products, saving you even more over our already discounted prices.

Want to know more about how the right welding cable could help improve your work? Contact our staff of experts today. They have decades of experience working out in the field and have learned more than their fair share of tips and tricks for getting the most out of the right welding cable. Let us know your needs, no matter how exotic or small and we will work to get the job done.