Fit-Up Tools

Pipe Fitting Tools, Guides, Gauges and Framing Squares

In any pipeline layout, the pipes must have a precise fit. Being even a millimeter off will cause leaks, loss of structural strength and other expensive issues. Our pipe welding and repair tools allow pipeliners to deliver the accuracy and reliability that customers expect.

WeldingMart has dozens of industrial-grade pipefitter tools at affordable prices. From standard tools such as the classic pipefitter square to spider clamps, pocket levels, wedges, flange spreaders and welder's gauges, we offer the right tools to properly align pipes and hold them in place. If you need hardware browse our assortment of bolts and pipe wraps. These products come from industry leaders such as Fit-Up Pro and Mathey Dearman.

Contact our experts for assistance choosing the right pipe layout toots. We have decades of experience working with pipeliners so they have what they need. Visit our main Pipeliner Equipment page for more tools, machines and supplies.