Lincoln Arc Welders

Shielded metal arc welding, usually called stick welding, is the most common welding technique. It's easy to learn, only requires basic equipment and can be performed on dirty metals or in the rain. Still, you'll need a high-quality stick welder to get the most from the process. WeldingMart is the largest online dealer of Lincoln welders for auto technicians, pipeliners, hobbyists and everyone looking for a Lincoln stick welding machine.

More than a dozen Lincoln arc welders are available to fit your welding requirements and budget. The Invertec series of inverter welders will give you smooth, stable welding on steel. An AC/DC stick welder offers the option for arc welding on aluminum and other highly magnetic materials prone to arc blow. With a multi-process TIG and stick welder by Lincoln Electric, you get the aesthetic finesse of the TIG technique and the versatility of the manual arc technique from a single machine. Call us at (877) 532-WELD to discuss options with a fellow welder.