Weld Fume Extraction

Count on WeldingMart for the best welding fume extractors and other tools in the industry.

Fume management is important because of the volatile nature of the job. Jobsites are filled with dangerous chemicals, and you are holding a source of immense heat capable of igniting things. When you control fumes properly, you prevent damage to property and injuries to people.

Whether you work in a welding shop, at a worksite or out in the field, WeldingMart has the fume extractor tools you need. We work with the best, most respected equipment makers in the industry, such as Lincoln Electric and Miller, in order to ensure that whatever you buy is built to last job after job.

Need a stationary welding fume extractor for a welding shop? Or a portable fume extractor that's mobile and powerful? WeldingMart has you covered. We also carry downdraft tables, smoke extractor arms, welding exhaust systems and other accessories, as well as replacement parts and consumables.