Pliers, Vises & Clamps

Pliers, C-Clamps, & Vises

Get a grip on your work with pliers, vises, clamps and other tools from WeldingMart.

Sometimes, a proper weld requires holding two items securely together. Because you need your hands to operate the welder, clamps quickly become your best friend, helping to hold those items securely throughout the welding process.

We carry more than 25,000 different tools, accessories and other products at WeldingMart, and our collection of grips, pliers, clamps and more are part of those offerings. Rest assured that the tools you get from WeldingMart will be high-quality, durable and strong enough to handle repeated use, job after job.

Whether you are working on a routine job of welding or cutting or are tackling an unusual repair, the big selection of pliers, pliers sets, C-clamps and pipe and screw extractor sets provides you a powerful arsenal of tools to get the job done as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Our pliers collection features products made in the U.S. by Craftsman, which has been a trusted name for professionals as well as DIYers for more than 90 years. Here you will find pliers to tackle just about any kind of job. Options include locking pliers in a variety of configurations as well as adjustable pliers and slip-joint pliers.

For convenience and economy, consider one of our handy pliers sets. These not only give you a selection of pliers to find the right one for the job but also save you money, compared to purchasing pliers individually.

C-clamps are a necessity for holding objects in place while working on them. We carry an assortment of tough, heavy-duty C-clamps ideal for welding. Made by URREA, these clamps are forged of high-quality alloy steel and deliver superior precision, performance and efficiency. In addition to welding and soldering, they offer many other uses in workshops or for industrial purposes. Choose from a variety of sizes, from 2" to 12".

For removing and replacing broken pipes and screws, consider one of our screw or pipe extractor kits. They give you the tools you need to set things right.