PAPR Systems

PAPR systems from WeldingMart will keep you breathing and working in comfort in any environment.

When you work in an environment where welding doesn't stop for many breaks, or where dangerous gases or fumes are hard to control, comfort is critically important to your productivity and quality. More than just a helmet, a powered air purifying respirator ensures you stay property ventilated. The Viking PAPR systems are some of the best in the industry for that task.

Viking Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) feature Lincoln Electrics exclusive 4C auto-darkening Lens Technology, robust HEPA filtration, excellent battery life and much more. You will also find the NEW Clear Shield HE PAPR for medical and sterilization usage. The PAPR systems are NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 Compliant.

Contact our welding experts today for more information. They have decades of welding experience under their belts and can help you find the best system for your needs.