Semiautomatic Wire Feeders

Lincoln Electric Welding Semi-automatic Wire Feeders

When you need to do welding that's fast, efficient and consistent, turn to a Lincoln wire welder. Their semi-automatic wire-feeding welders let you control certain conditions for the weld such as the arc size and the speed. By entering the parameters and letting the machine do the rest, semi-automatic Lincoln welding increases both the quality and quantity of your shop's output. They also are safer than regular welding while still easily allowing worker intervention if an issue crops up.

Suitable for construction, shipbuilding, welding shops and a variety of other industries, the Lincoln Electric semi-automatic welding wire feeders available at WeldingMart will provide reliable performance. Designed for MIG, TIG and core-wire welding, these heavy-duty industrial two- and four-roll wire feeders are available with Maxtrac wire drive systems for smooth, dependable wire feeding you can count on. With more than a century of experience in welding, Lincoln has become a global leader in the field. It backs each of its products with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Save Money on Your Wire Feeder Welder

As the largest online dealer of Lincoln welders, we can offer the best selection at great prices. Many of these products are available with free shipping, making them an even greater value. Our Lincoln wire feeders are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your application. Choose from an assortment of Lincoln bench wire feeders that are tough and provide reliable performance. They are good choices for most shop operations.

Portable Lincoln wire feeders like the Activ8 are lightweight, which makes them easy to tote around job sites. They are ideal for shipbuilding and other jobs where mobility is at a premium. We also carry Lincoln boom-mount wire feeders for dependable performance in demanding industrial applications. If you're an ironworker or pipeline worker, the LN-25 series of semi-automatic wire welders are simple yet powerful outdoor welding machines. Get One-Pak and Ready-Pak wire feed kits for a complete starter solution with consumables, cables and accessories.

Are you having trouble deciding which semi-automatic Lincoln welder wire feeder is best for your business needs? The team of experienced welders at WeldingMart can help. Contact us by calling (877) 532-WELD or emailing We have supplied premium welders for over 25 years and offer financing or leasing on Lincon welding equipment.