Kemper Welding Exhaust Equipment

Kemper fume extractors and exhaust systems from WeldingMart will ensure proper ventilation at your worksite.

You and your colleagues work hard. The last thing you need on the job is for dangerous exhaust fumes to endanger health and productivity. Yet welding is filled with those hazards, from the chemicals used to the byproducts that emerge at the point of contact. Additionally, a worksite may be filled with other hazardous materials that could interact badly with welding work. A good fume extractor lets you focus ventilation efforts on specific areas, and redirect exhaust, smoke, fumes to a place where they be safely released.

WeldingMart carries a complete line of Kemper welding exhaust, fume and smoke removal equipment to keep your shop running safely, cleanly and at peak production.

Providing cleaner, safer working environments for more than 40 years, Kemper provides multiple solutions for thoroughly removing exhaust from your shop. Welding machine use creates harmful metal fume and gas by-products, and all of Kemper's German-designed equipment offers superior protection and is OSHA-compliant.

We carry all the Kemper exhaust equipment you will need to weld safely. Choose from Kemper exhaust floor-mount styles as well as wall-mount and mobile units. You will also find all the Kemper parts and accessories you need here, like exhaust fans, wall brackets, exhaust arms and much more.

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