Engine Drive Trailers, Cable Racks, & Fender and Light Kits

For moving heavy equipment on the road or around the yard, welding trailers are a practical necessity. If you have been searching for the best portable welding trailers for sale or for welding trailer accessories to make your trailer road-worthy, you need look no further than We carry a selection of top-quality Lincoln Electric engine drive trailers, cable racks and fender/light kits.

Our two-wheel road trailers are available in small, medium and large sizes, letting you fit your budget as well as your needs. They come with low-sway suspensions for superior stability. The frames are welded rectangular tube steel that have been phosphate-etched and powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. For off-road, plant and yard use, check out our four-wheel trailer, which boasts the same quality construction.

All these trailers come with duo hitches but without fenders and lights, which we sell separately. Cable racks also are available for storing approximately 100’ of cable per side.