Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables & Fume Extractors

Fumes, gases and dust created by welding and other metal-working can provide irritating short-term effects and dangerous long-term health consequences. If you’re looking for the solution to pollution in your shop, consider the welding downdraft tables and fume extractors from Weldingmart. Besides venting harmful chemicals from your space, a welding downdraft table provides a workbench. That means your shop will benefit from happy, healthy employees and safe, clean and efficient production.

Our compact downdraft tables can be placed in many places in welding shops, making them a versatile solution. They are suitable for welding, plasma cutting and grinding. These tables can remove welding fumes as well as particulates and dust from metal-grinding work.

Made by Lincoln electric, each downdraft welding table is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Durable and rugged, these machines are also remarkably quiet.