Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables and Fume Extractors

Downdraft tables and other welding fume extraction tools from WeldingMart help you ensure quality work and safety. Fumes, gases and dust created by welding and other metalworking can provide irritating short-term effects and dangerous long-term health consequences. Having a way to contain and redirect those particles greatly improves the workplace for everyone.

If you're looking for a solution to pollution in your shop, consider welding downdraft tables and fume extractors from WeldingMart. Besides venting harmful chemicals from your space, a welding downdraft table provides a workbench for small and medium-sized projects. That means your shop will benefit from happy, healthy employees and safe, clean and efficient production.

Our compact downdraft tables can be placed in many places in welding shops, making them a versatile solution. They are suitable for welding, plasma cutting, grinding and sanding. These tables can remove welding fumes as well as particulates and dust from metal-grinding work. Even if not required by local regulations, we highly recommend having a downdraft table or another fume extraction solution to enhance the work environment.

Protect Workers with a Welding Downdraft Table

Ventilated welding tables are a space-efficient way to maintain indoor air quality. Made by Lincoln Electric, each downdraft welding table is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Durable and rugged, these machines are also remarkably quiet, allowing workers to communicate as they work. All welding and plasma-cutting techniques are acceptable on a downdraft table. Note that if using them as a downdraft grinding table, working with explosive metals such as aluminum is not recommended.

A downdraft table system comes with everything you need for worry-free metalworking. Side and back panels, dust trays, and collection drawers help contain particles so they are filtered out of the air faster. Some Downflex downdraft benches have adjustable heights so people can stand or sit at them. Others come with spark arrestors to prevent fires. Add a stationary or mobile fume extraction unit and you're ready to ventilate the largest of welding shops.

At WeldingMart, we are dedicated to offering you the best welding tools and supplies so that you can keep working and building your business. We work with the most respected brand names in the industry, giving you fast access to more than 25,000 different products. You'll love our excellent prices, fast shipping and competitive shipping rates. Many Lincoln downdraft tables ship free as part of our status as a Lincoln Electric Preferred Dealer. Contact us today to learn more about how a downdraft table can help you improve your welding quality and safety.