Welding storage solutions from WeldingMart will help you store important equipment and dangerous chemicals safely.

Welders use some dangerous materials for their work. From hazardous chemicals to powerful tools that create extreme conditions, the equipment used by welders is far from normal. These things are dangerous and expensive, which means storing them should be considered carefully.

A metal safety cabinet from WeldingMart won't let you down. We carry a variety of flammable storage cabinet options for many different shops and worksites. Made with superb construction and premium materials, these cabinets are made to hold fuel tanks, gas canisters, tools and more.

These are made from the most respected names in the industry - we know plenty of welders who would invest in a Wilray flammable storage cabinet, for instance. Our welding experts can tell you much more and make recommendations about which storage cabinet would best meet your needs. Contact us today, and find out why WeldingMart is one of the best places on the internet to keep you profitable and productive.